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Stock Market Strategies

Investors, who regularly beat the stock market, follow proven stock market strategies. Our stock market strategy is rooted in finding value, ala Warren Buffett, which is joined at the hip with growth. This creates growth at a reasonable price approach. Then we add technical analysis to identify key buy and sell points, as well as track the key stock market trends. This is fundamental analysis and technical analysis joined together to create stock market strategies that consistently beat the market as demonstrated by our model stock portfolios.

If you want to learn more about our market beating strategy, follow our five step stock market strategies we use to consistently beat the market:

  1. The Business Cycle Phases
  2. Stock Market Trend Analysis
  3. Stock Selection Guide
  4. Disciplined Investing
  5. Stock Portfolio Management

The results are demonstrated in our model portfolio for beginners that is available for free with Starting Out Portfolios. This portfolio only includes a sample of trades.

You may also review all of our Premier Members stock portfolio trade history 2006 - 2009. We will not publically list our trades for 2010 until 2011 as some of them may still be active today. If you are interested in all of the trades we make for stock and stock market sector portfolios, request a Premier Membership.

Each of our premier portfolios beat the market. Every trade is announced in advance as a Good Till Cancelled (GTC) limit order. Most trades are executed from two days to two weeks from when they are entered. therefore you have plenty of time to evaluate whether you wish to follow us in our model investing portfolio. Each model portfolio is based on a real portfolio, not a simulated system that can be adjusted to improve its performance.

Every trade is documented on the site as they are performed. Our performance reflects these trades.

Premier Membership

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Request a Premier Membership. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. After all, we have beat the market every year since our inception.

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