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Trading and Investment Discipline

Your trading and investment discipline is one of the most important behaviors you can possess. Following a well thought out investing discipline will have a significant positive affect on your investment portfolio.

Investors who stick to their trading discipline will find greater success vs. those that let their emotions take control over their investing activities.

The following articles provide an excellent set of tools to develop you the necessary trading and investment discipline.

Control Your Investing Emotions When the Market is in Rally Mode.
When the market is rising, it is easy to get carried way with your success. Learning to control our investing emotions is an important investing behavior to acquire.

Control Your Investing Emotions When the Market is Falling.
The market is plunging and your investing emotions are running wild. Now is the time to take control and use a good investing process to overcome the situation.

How to be a Contrarian Investor
Being a contrarian investor is more difficult than many people think. Going against the crowd when things are at their worst is a challenge.

Rule Investing
Successful investors and traders follow a proven rule investing process that helps them remain disciplined. They cannot let emotion get in their way. Follow these investing rules and you will be well on your way to success.

Learn from your investment mistakes.
Repeating the same investing mistake time after time will lead to financial ruin. Discover how to learn from our investment mistakes and become a better investor and trader.

Portfolio Risk Management
Manage the risk of your portfolio to beat the market.

Stock Market Risk Management
Stock market risk management is one of the  most important skills for any investor to master. Warren Buffett, considered by many to be the world’s greatest investor, states his first rule of investing is “do not lose money.”

Risk Tolerance Questionnaire
Unfortunately, the risk in the stock market of losing your money is always a possibility. Successful investors understand the risk they can tolerate. Do You?

Stock Position Sizing Calculations
There are a number of sources to obtain a position-sizing calculator on the internet. However, it is important to understand the rationale for the position size calculations.

Position Sizing Strategy
Many investors use the size of each stock position to manage their risk. Dr. Van K. Tharp has shown that position sizing is a proven technique investors can use to align their share purchases with their risk strategy.

Stock Position Sizing using Percent
Describes how to determine the size of your positions using the percent you are willing to risk.

Sustaining Your Investment Discipline
Whenever you waiver from your investing discipline, you are subjecting your stock portfolio to losses. Learn to sustain your investment discipline each day.

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